Check .ch domain availability with mDomain

Since there existed no web application that shows if a .ch domain is expiring I quickly created one myself:

mDomain returns one of these three domain states:

  • registered
  • expiring
  • free

I developed mDomain using node.js and Express. As a neat convenience it is possible to call mDomain like this:

Use org.repackage as a prefix for your repackaged Java packages

When I was searching the web for an adequate prefix for a repackaged Java library I found nothing. So I launched that serves a single goal:

The sole purpose of this site is to tell you that you can use the reverse domain name notation of this domain (org.repackage) as a prefix for your repackaged Java packages.

Eclipse Kepler is ready!

Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler) is now available for download for friends of Eclipse. (General availability: soon)


First Impression: It feels faster and snappier when compared to Juno (4.2). 😉

First Google Glas Teardown

Scott Torborg and Star Simpson published the first Google Glass Teardown.